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Salford Fire Station Reunion 2020

The Crescent - Liverpool Street - Broughton

Due to the rules re Coronavirus the Reunion has had to be cancelled

The 2020 Reunion was to be held on Thursday 12th November 2020


Pendleton Ex Services Social Club
Royal British Legion Pendleton Social Club
221 Langworthy Road,
Salford, M6 5PQ

There will be no charge for admission
A donation towards costs would be helpful

It is over 30 years since the last fire engine drove out of the doors at the Crescent and moved to Liverpool Street.
Whilst some of you who worked there have met up in small groups to celebrate retirements etc.
it will have been a long time since you have met some of your old colleagues.

If you worked at Liverpool Street with those who moved from the Crescent or worked closely
with them on detached duties or at other stations why not come and meet up with them

The reunion has been extended to an "A Division" Reunion

"A Division Reunion 2020"

A very successful Reunion was held on Thursday 14th November 2019

Email: - salfordfirestationreunion@talktalk.net

Salford Fire Station - The Crescent - Reunion 2019

"A Division Reunion"
The Cenotaph - The Crescent - Salford - Fire Station Square